It's About More Than Just Lifting

Our support services compliment everything that we do and allow us to offer a complete solution from planning to execution.



3D Lift Planning

Some circumstances present complex challenges that need detailed planning to ensure a successful, incident-free project. Zero Gravity Cranes & Rigging Inc. can provide detailed 3D Lift Planning to demonstrate exactly how the lift will proceed, giving stakeholders at all levels of the project a clear picture of how the job will take place.

This service can help put concerns to rest as well as helping anticipate any difficulties that may arise during the lift.

Hauling Solutions

Zero Gravity can provide flat deck, step deck and super b hauling services including dimensional loads. We have strategic partnerships in place for further specialized trailer requirements.

Pilot Trucks

When Zero Gravity Cranes & Rigging Inc. is moving your oversized loads, we have pilot trucks to assist with the transport from Point A to Point B.

Crane Attachments

We have a range of crane attachments to suit the client’s unique requirements including spreader bars, man baskets and material baskets, work platforms, concrete buckets, and bins.

Traffic Control

As part of our project management services, we can attend to your traffic control needs, ensuring critical details are not missed. Zero Gravity has certified Alberta Temporary Traffic Controllers on staff to work in Lethbridge.

If there is a need for street closures, lane closures, sidewalk closures, permits, signage or ATTC traffic attendants, we can manage it all, so you don’t have to.